Friday, June 27, 2008

Terracotta Finds

Here’s a peek into the first few things I bought for the new house. Mostly decorative items that caught my eye as I visited a "haat" in the city. A "haat" is an open marketplace where rural artisans display their wares. We’ve been lucky to have a new one open in the city recently. More on that in a later post….

Going back to my new buys, the first was this teeny weeny terracotta tile that displays the Hindu symbol of auspiciousness – the Swastika. My husband wants to put this right above our main door. :)

Then came this terracotta planter that had been hand-painted in such vivid, beautiful colours. Can’t wait to plant a tulsi (as the Indians call the basil) in this pretty piece of pottery.

I'd love to post pictures of both these items, but I'd rather that you see them when they are in-action in the new house. Till then... have a great week ahead!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The handover

This weekend we finally got possession of the house. As the finishing touches were put in place, and the keys handed over by our builder/contractor. What a bunch it was! At least a dozen keys to God-know-how-many doors of the house. :) But it felt good to hold them… all shapes and sizes sitting snugly in our palms, as me and my husband celebrated with an embrace.
Another new start, another beginning… isn’t life so full of possibilities!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The never-ending story begins...

We are in the process of acquiring a new family home. Not that this is our first stab at realty purchase. But the first purchase was more out of necessity than any flights of fancy (financial constraints notwithstanding). This one comes closer to being a dream house.

Only, it is still a house – all mortar and bricks, with the outward trappings slowly falling into place. The tinkle of laughter, conversational chatter, drippy laundry, clanking cutlery…. and the warmth that a living space exudes, is still missing.

This blog aims to capture the essence of turning the house into a home, little by little, inch by inch. Stay tuned…

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