Monday, August 23, 2010

Curio Cupboard

It has been ages since I posted anything about the 'inside' of our house! :)

As I looked through old pictures, I realized how I have this tendency to turn every available space into a curio cupboard. So I decided to share snippets from one such cupboard; mind you, officially this is supposed to be a book-case but never mind....

So you have the most random things displayed together. Like this pair of coffee mugs I picked up from a dollar store in Denver...

...Displayed alongside this pair of marble elephants collected on a trip to Agra.

...Sharing space with this lil' hand-painted bottle that holds treasures collected by my son on a walk.

Alongwith this basket of potpourri.

But now they all sit (and fit) together snugly! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blossom Time Again

Finally they are blossoming again. I had thought the portulacas were too upset with my negligence of them during summer, and so were getting back by keeping away the flowers!

But rainwater has made them happy and they are blossoming again. :)

Small flowers but to me they bring big cheer. No wonder they say rain = rejuvenation.
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