Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Blossoms

That time of the year is here again.... as winter chills melt into the warmth of spring, and pleasant breezes caress your evenings, it is time to show off this year's blossoms.

I started out really, really late this time, waking up to the need for saplings only in January. The regular flower-wallahs turned me away saying they had run out of all stock. I came home feeling so lousy.... till my local gardener saved the day by procuring some plants.

Nevertheless, we have a good mix of colour on our sit-out. Bright pink (ice plants) offset by creamy yellow (crown daisy)....

The corner lighted up by a dash of red (salvia), and velvety maroon (dianthus) giving company to the whites (petunias).

My all-time favourites, the happy bunches of orange nasturtiums, are already getting attention from other quarters, with bunch of purple sunbirds visiting many times a day!

The yellow gazenias are cheery but I was a trifle disappointed with them as I was hoping for a more showy, multi-coloured variety.

Now the dogflowers (anthirriums) are awaited with much anticipation, to complete our happy garden! Of course I'll show them off when they arrive. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Simian Sunday

Imagine turning back from working in the kitchen to find a monkey face peering back at you!

Happened to me one Sunday noon last month, as I turned back from the kitchen slab after kneading dough, only to find my simian visitor dozing on the sill. :) Cute, no?

Thankfully, the windows were closed (and a trifle dirty from the rains, hence the hazy picture).

The fella responded rather well to the kids making faces at him, and decided to hang around for a couple of days....

Ransacked a few of my plants before disappearing for good.
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