Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We just completed a whole year of living in this house so guess can't call it new anymore! :)

As the months went by, the seasons changed, the garden changed, and the house itself went through its own quiet metamorphosis.

Here is a pictorial journey to celebrate the year gone by through some of my favourite shots in the house.

Of cool, dreamy mornings...

Ending in fiery, brilliant evenings...

Our children enjoying in their splash pool in the summers.

My jade plant against the blue monsoon sky with wisps of clouds gently floating.

The Buddha bathed in the orange glow of the setting sun adds to the charm of an autumn evening.

Interesting shadows thrown up by the sharp winter sun.

Finally, precious spring blossoms bringing the year full circle!

Hope you enjoyed our journey through the year as much as we did! And looking forward to many more such years...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Special Neighbours - VI : Feathered Friends

One of the joys of living in suburban areas is the sheer variety of birds you get to spot everyday. Some roam around the neighbourhood while some actually visit us daily.

Today I'll introduce you to the ones I've seen around the neighbourhood. The actual visitors coming home will be covered in a later post.

I don't even know all their names but let us go and meet them one by one. And you can let me know if one of them looks familiar, or I've identified it incorrectly.

Red Vented Bulbuls

Unknown Bird (Finch?)

Green Bee Eater

Brown Rock Chat



Rufous Treepie




Indian Robin

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shine & Glitter

Added some shine and glitter to the kids' bedroom last weekend through these suncatchers.

I love how their room evolves ever so often, with new stuff getting added every now and then. I change their art display also, creating a brand new look every few days. Ups the 'interesting' quotient, like it should be in kiddy space!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evok Shoe Rack

We bought this shoe rack from Evok last month. Thought I'd share my experiences with the brand, associated as it is with a company as big and old as Hindware.

I found the Evok store quite expansive and well-appointed. And I especially liked their designs with its clean lines, and eye on utilitarian detail.

However, some of their staff were a little disappointing. They seemed not too conversant with product knowledge, and were somewhat overwhelmed attending multiple customers. For a company trying to build a brand, their website is also a dampener. Too many dead links, especially on the Products page. Hardly the place one would like to falter, don't you think!

What I did like was their online catalog that they check every time you request a specific product. This means that even if the product is not on display at the moment, they can source it for you. Their post-sales service is also pretty good, as their service personnel come home and assemble the knock-down furniture for you.

Hope you find the review useful, and it helps make better choices!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Springtime Snapshots

Some more snapshots from my garden to feast your eyes on! The spring blossoms are getting better by the day, and we as a family are enjoying the ambience thoroughly. :)

Brilliant cinerarias that are the pride of my sit-out!

Even my succulents are sprouting forth.... simply love the bell-shaped flowers.

Some more cinerarias in the kids' balcony.

Black Face (remember the guy?) has some lovely company these days.

Pretty little verbenas flowering in bright bunches.

Railway creeper back in business after the winter hibernation.

Red salvia completes the scene (though it isn't in its element yet).

Hope you liked the virtual tour through my greens.

Though I dislike winters, the anticipation of my colourful florals keeps me going through the chill. Pity it is warming up already and soon most of these beauties will get replaced by the summer crop.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time For Ceramic Love

Hope you all had a colourful Holi and enjoyed the splashes of colour. In our home this festival is synonymous with the yummy preparation of 'kanji vara'; a tradition derived from my husband's family.

So last weekend I went and bought a couple of ceramic 'martabaan' or 'barni'. These traditional ceramic jars can also be used to put pickles out in the sun. Really, don't they seem right out of grandma's kitchen! :)

Coming back to my original preparation, Kanji is a concoction made from rye and water, and Vara refers to the fried balls of lentil added to it. This preparation is kept in the earthen pots (martabaan) to cure in the sun, and in a week you have the tangy 'kanji vara' ready.

For an easy-to-follow recipe, click here and enjoy some of your own!
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