Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blue Pottery Planters

Ever since I saw the lovely tiled window sill that the builder provided in our kitchen, I have been scouting around for the right kind of planters. And finally I seem to have found what I was after…. Cute blue pottery planters - just the right size and shape for a lil’ herb garden. Can already imagine curry leaves, coriander and nasturtium blooms in them. :)

What I love about my planters are the designs on them. They don’t seem to have been crafted by a very experienced hand as you can see occasional squiggles going awry. But therein lies the beauty… they are quite different from the usual blue pottery designs that one sees around (like the ones in the picture here).

Agreed that my pieces aren’t half as bright but what the heck!They match the d├ęcor and colour scheme of my kitchen perfectly, and that is what matters.... Any ideas about what other herbs would work in a kitchen sill garden?


The Perpertual Foreigner said...

Mads, where did you take this picture. There is one that I am eyeing.

DreamMaker said...

Dear perpetual foreigner, all pictures that are taken from the web can be traced back to their original sources by simply clicking on them. The others are all taken by me.
Which one catches your fancy? Do let me know.

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