Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monsoon Magic

This year the rains have hardly come to this part of the country.... but nevertheless we enjoyed whatever little bounty the skies bestowed. Sharing with you some snapshots of the monsoon taken from various corners of our new home.

First, we peep out of the balconies and enjoy the overcast skies as dark clouds gather overhead.

Nimbus black clouds rolling in over the horizon

The feeling of joyous anticipation as a gentle breeze caresses our cheeks.

The trees swaying in the breeze

Then the raindrops come.... the familiar pitter-patter sounds sweeter in a new living area.

A glimpse of my hanging planter through a rain-swept glass door

And then the skies clear up, and a beautiful blue emerges.

The dazzling blue of the sky reflected in our living room tiles

Soft, cottony wisps of clouds that remain in the sky ensure a gorgeous sunrise next morning.

Glimpse of the sunrise from our kitchen balcony

Hope the rains touched your hearts with as much joy as ours.....

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