Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nature's Jewels

My first post of 2011... and all about the vagaries of the weather! Humphh!! ....

Or look at it another way, and you'll see it is actually about the beauty around us. Small things which we often miss out on in our rushed, frantic pace.

A huge downpour last night, and this is what we woke up to - a damp, grey-brown fog enveloping everything. Made it seem as though we were living in the clouds up there somewhere!!

And then I noticed nature's jewels.... tiny beads sitting like garlands around the leaves of my plants.

And on all those spidey wires that hung between the leaves and stems. :)

The dampness brought them on, and made them stay, so I could capture them for posterity.

The kids missed seeing these as they rushed off to school.... but I'm sure they enjoyed their foggy bus ride. And making funny faces on those moist windows.

Small things that matter, only if we have the time to stop and stare.

Though this winter the fog hardly came, but I'm enjoying whatever little I can get. For who knows? - Next winter, I may be elsewhere....

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