Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Small Beginnings

As I may have shared before on this blog, our new house has four balconies and a large staircase lobby. So I have huge plans for gardening in all these areas.

If you remember I had bought blue pottery planters long back (see here) to start a herb garden on my kitchen window sill. But my plans flopped pretty soon after moving in.... as I realised that the sill gets plenty of light but no air!

So all I get to place here are the flowers my kids bring for me from their weekend morning walks with dad. :)

So for now the planters have moved to the kitchen balcony with small saplings to start with. No herbs yet because the intense summer heat is hardly the time to plant herbs. Even my hardy greens and succulents are having to put up a tough fight to survive.

The sparrows don't spare them either; they think it is a lunch spread for them :) and munch on my poor plants ever so often!

The only part that looks bright and cheerful as of now is the entry where we've put up a palm with pretty leaves that my hubby liked at the plant nursery.

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