Friday, January 8, 2010

Adding Warmth To The Winters

The new year has started with temperatures dropping recklessly and the days fogging up. So I decided to start the year with a winter decor idea.

I always make slight changes to the decor with the onset of full-blown winters. Rugs dot the floor, adding warmth to the rooms and bringing some relief from the cold tiles. I also drape old, unused shawls on the sofas.

The shawls serve well as warm covers, especially when you plonk in to catch a late-night movie on a freezing winter evening. Tuck in the shawl into the sofa seat cushions, throw in some matching cushions on top, and your winter seating arrangement is ready!

So this is what my regular TV-viewing sofa looks like in winters, all warmed up! :) Hope the idea helps around your house too.

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