Friday, January 22, 2010

My Wishlist

First month of the year and I am already dreaming of a wishlist for the house! Talk of material afflictions (LOL).... Well, the list mainly comprises of things that have caught my fancy over the years.

Things I have seen displayed elsewhere and wanted in my own space. Things that remind me of special memories and connections. Things I have admired for their beauty and craftsmanship. Sometimes even things that do not necessarily fit in but yet there is this deep craving to acquire (I'm sure the women will understand this one better!).

So, here is my wishlist for our home, in no particular order:

A beautifully carved, wooden jharokha for the living room

Image from unnamed source on the internet

Large statues in granite and sandstone for the garden

Image from Lotus Sculpture website

An arbor of plants in my terrace

Image clicked by camera phone from a magazine I was browsing in a bookstore

A porch swing in one of the sit-outs

Image from now-defunct blog Delightful Home

A rocking chair in my bedroom

Image from unnamed source on the internet

Phew! Does it ever end??? I should stop now and return from my flights of fancy. After all, we don't want the home looking overdone! ;)

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