Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mehrangarh Fort: Visiting A Royal Home

All this while the blog focussed on our house, that we all finally turned into a home last year. But in today's post I decided to share with you another home we visited recently. A home with amazing decor, astounding exteriors, and an amazing feel.

No trip to Jodhpur can be complete without a trip to the abode of the maharajas - the grand Mehrangarh Fort that sits atop a hill overlooking the city. As we near the fort through the narrow, winding lanes of the old city, the looming fort looks majestic.

As soon as we enter, the sheer size and the details on the outer walls take our breath away!

Wonder how they carved the sandstone in such detail all those years back.

And more amazingly, how they managed to do it at such an awesome height!

Here is a peep into the mujra ghar or nautch room of the palace.

Even the ceilings have so much decorative work on them.

And this happens to be the maharaja's bedroom. Don't the coloured glass windows look breathtaking?

And of course, one peep out of the fort in any direction, and you get to see the famously blue-painted houses of the old city. Jodhpur is called the Blue City because of these very houses that surround the Mehrangarh fort.

All in all, a magical experience as we get transported to another world, another era. I must mention here that the fort is very well maintained, and there are helpful locals employed here who ensure they guide you through all the rooms correctly.

Hope you enjoyed this special house tour. Future posts will bring you more from our fabulous trip to Jodhpur.


M@ria said...

:) pretty very pretty. the windows r so so beautiful!

good u guys had a great time! i love the blue houses! they look awesome!

Creative Rumblings said...

It was a treat to see them myself especially after having painted them! :)

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