Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We finally got a couple of my paintings framed and hung around the house last weekend.

I'm happy with the colour they add to our dining area.

It sure feels good to see them like that, adorning our walls! :)

We are also getting ready for a short getaway to Jodhpur, and am bang in the middle of packing up for the trip. So the house resembles a 'dhobi ghat' (traditional Indian laundry) with clothes strewn all over. This will be our first outstation trip after moving into this house. So there, another first in place!

Hope to bring back some interesting things to share with you from our trip.


M@ria said...

arey wah! lovely paintings...and finally nice. Ur walls must be loving ur work!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, they are! :)

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