Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spotting Water Birds

I'm learning that it is after all pretty good to remain part submerged in the rains. Know why? Because apart from the croaking cacophony of a froggy colony, you also get to witness some unexpected avian arrivals.

An area of land ahead of our house that has a largish expanse of stagnant rainwater has turned into an unlikely lake-of-sorts. Egrets, herons, ducks and mallards are seen aplenty floating around or pecking at the insects and froggies.

And of course, yours truly is forever angling on the balcony with a dangling digicam, trying to capture the water birds! :)

Hope you enjoy the results.


Maria said...

nice ones :) but pls be careful..malaria, dengue menace

Creative Rumblings said...

yes, you are right, this is the season for all those. and stagnant rainwater only adds to the reasons. :( so thanks for the timely warning!

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