Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Festive Hangover

It has been more than a week since Durga Puja got over but we still can't seem to get over the yummy 'bhog' that is served as community lunch at all pandals. So I cooked up some traditional puja food this weekend, and it turned out awesome! :)

At least one day during the pujas you are bound to be served khichuri (rice & lentils boiled together) or the erstwhile khichri, pronounced differently, along with laabra (mixed veg preparation using five different veggies, cooked in musard oil) and tomato chutney. The taste of this hot combo is so typical of the pujas.... guess the autumnal air has something to do with it.

Mmmm, the taste still lingers in my mouth.... but the good thing is that since I've successfully tried it once, I can now cook it up whenever I want. Wanna come over?

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