Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New House Guests

Last Sunday when the skies opened up right since morning, we had a couple of new house guests. Had seen them around the neighbourhood before but never at such close quarters.

Wet and dripping, as they made themselves comfortable in the kids' balcony (much to the kids' delight), we did a frantic Google search to figure out their names. Meet the drongos - fork tailed and square tailed.

They are racuous creatures, constantly chattering away! By the second day they were so taken in by our premises that they fought and drove away the regular visitors, the mynahs. The fork-tailed drongo even allowed me to go pretty close.

And their faith in us was evident when by next evening they had already invited friends over to join them! :)

Meanwhile the other balcony had a house guest of quite another sort.

I'm still confused about his identity - whether he is a locust or a grasshopper remains open to debate. The fellow should thank his stars though that the drongos didn't spot him; he surely would've made a sumptuous dinner.

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