Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Special Neighbours - II : Monkeying Around

I just learnt the key to being a monkey:

First, get a good night's rest.

After you wake up, peep diligently into kitchen windows, for obvious reasons.

Keep yourself free of bugs and ticks... if you find any, pop 'em right in!

Catch some beauty sleep on the fly!

Yes, we had a simian visitor this week. You think he's funny? Well, so do I, and I really enjoyed clicking the fellow.

But the underlying concern - have we encroached on areas that were once rightfully theirs? After all, jungles and farmlands are being converted to urban living spaces at breakneck speeds everywhere.


M@ria said... funny...what entertaining neghbours...pls keep ur doors and windows closed...else they will be making themselves very comfy on ur cushy sofa and can hear them snoring on ur bed :)

DreamMaker said...

Really, we thank our stars we got our grills in place the first thing after we moved in! :D

Yuvika said...

oh my god..isn't this visitor a little too big for comfort ... i am scared of monkeys!

DreamMaker said...

Well, I observed and clicked it from behind a wall of iron grills. So it was fine I guess :)

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