Monday, August 3, 2009

Seasonal Surprises

I really didn't expect the rains to bring in so many surprises in our new home.

Like this family of feathered visitors (sorry I forgot to ask their names!).

Mama, papa and baby bird all seemed to like it around our place, and were contemplating building their own little apartment. :)


Like these tiny white toadstools that sprung up all in the course of a sultry afternoon.

Whoa! Hope the froggies don't turn up to claim their umbrellas now! Or will I see an elf sitting under them tomorrow?!? :)


Like this pretty yellow grass lily that greeted me one morning.

How I loved that cheery yellow flower nodding away in the breeze as I bustled about in the kitchen.


Like this lil' plant that I had long forgotten about, assuming it dead in the summer heat.

Now it stands upright, its tiny stem growing stronger by the day.


Amazing how much wonder a few drops of rain can do....


MR said...

Hola! I am here again to you bright home :) was showing it to tabrez and we were loving it! I too have started gettin birds eveyday bu havent managed to click them yet! loved the pics

DreamMaker said...

Thanks for your comments! Am glad you like my home. Hoping to have you over soon! :)

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