Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evok Shoe Rack

We bought this shoe rack from Evok last month. Thought I'd share my experiences with the brand, associated as it is with a company as big and old as Hindware.

I found the Evok store quite expansive and well-appointed. And I especially liked their designs with its clean lines, and eye on utilitarian detail.

However, some of their staff were a little disappointing. They seemed not too conversant with product knowledge, and were somewhat overwhelmed attending multiple customers. For a company trying to build a brand, their website is also a dampener. Too many dead links, especially on the Products page. Hardly the place one would like to falter, don't you think!

What I did like was their online catalog that they check every time you request a specific product. This means that even if the product is not on display at the moment, they can source it for you. Their post-sales service is also pretty good, as their service personnel come home and assemble the knock-down furniture for you.

Hope you find the review useful, and it helps make better choices!

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