Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Springtime Snapshots

Some more snapshots from my garden to feast your eyes on! The spring blossoms are getting better by the day, and we as a family are enjoying the ambience thoroughly. :)

Brilliant cinerarias that are the pride of my sit-out!

Even my succulents are sprouting forth.... simply love the bell-shaped flowers.

Some more cinerarias in the kids' balcony.

Black Face (remember the guy?) has some lovely company these days.

Pretty little verbenas flowering in bright bunches.

Railway creeper back in business after the winter hibernation.

Red salvia completes the scene (though it isn't in its element yet).

Hope you liked the virtual tour through my greens.

Though I dislike winters, the anticipation of my colourful florals keeps me going through the chill. Pity it is warming up already and soon most of these beauties will get replaced by the summer crop.


Yuvika said...

Hey ...the pics are beautiful...lucky u to have such a glorious loom!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Yuvika, I worked for them hard enough! But at the end of the day, it is all worth the effort.:)

M@ria said...

beaauutfil :) hard work pays off!

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