Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time For Ceramic Love

Hope you all had a colourful Holi and enjoyed the splashes of colour. In our home this festival is synonymous with the yummy preparation of 'kanji vara'; a tradition derived from my husband's family.

So last weekend I went and bought a couple of ceramic 'martabaan' or 'barni'. These traditional ceramic jars can also be used to put pickles out in the sun. Really, don't they seem right out of grandma's kitchen! :)

Coming back to my original preparation, Kanji is a concoction made from rye and water, and Vara refers to the fried balls of lentil added to it. This preparation is kept in the earthen pots (martabaan) to cure in the sun, and in a week you have the tangy 'kanji vara' ready.

For an easy-to-follow recipe, click here and enjoy some of your own!

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