Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One For Bird Lovers

The urban pigeon holes (read apartments) that most of us live in barely allow room, and open space is almost a luxury. But living in one such I realized that there are things one can consciously do to attract our feathered friends. So here is my list of tips for all bird lovers wanting to catch a glimpse of wings in their balconies and decks.

Firstly, go out and green your open space. Even if you don't have the proverbial green thumb, there are some perennials and evergreens with which you just cannot go wrong. Get hold of a 'maali' (gardener) or befriend a nursery chap who can give you fully grown plants. For starters, try jade, asparagus and lily varieties. Don't just stick to boring pots and planters, get some hanging containers as well.

And invest in some seasonal blooms in spring; then watch the magic unfold!

Birds like all sorts of perches, so any kind of projection is a good idea. When we were getting our trellis done for security reasons, we had no idea it would lead to such wonderful bird watching opportunities! Just see for yourself...

Lastly, add a birdbath. You don't need something fancy, a regular terracotta one works fine and gets them to visit. If you place this at the same spot everyday, over a period of time you'll notice a steady set of visitors who return frequently, and get friends along. I placed mine outside the kitchen window; gives me lots of stuff to look out for while pottering around. :)

Hope this helps you attract the chirps and tweets!

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