Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Gossip

I have been trying to add to my meagre garden in the new house, though this is hardly the right time to do so. With temperatures hovering around 45 degrees Celsius for more than a week, everything is scorching and dry. Hot winds in the afternoon only make it worse for the poor plants to survive in this furnace.

Anyhow, the clay pots I bought for the griha-pravesh now serve as planters on my stairway window sill. Thankfully these plants are still coping better since they remain in the shade.

This new succulent I planted in a hanging pot is struggling – some days it looks bright and fresh, on other days it seems all withered. I have removed it from its perch and placed it in a shady corner; hope that helps it pull through.

On an afternoon of sudden, unexpected showers I planted 4 seeds of a flowering creeper that my cousin shared with me. To my absolute joy, all four of them sprung up, nodding their little heads despite the heat. But unfortunately they are now shriveling up; each day I seem to lose a sapling and it feels awful. :(

The one thing that still brings a smile – the Butterscotch Birdhouse, one of my creations, has finally found its place adding some color and cheer to my garden, and giving my palm tree company!

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