Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Vagaries

I’ve had a busy fortnight; hope that explains my sudden disappearance.

The kids decided they had to do some summer vacation stay-overs. So off my five year old son went to his paternal uncles’ place. And two days later my three year old got dropped off at grandma’s. That left a very paranoid mommy at home!

There I was on tenterhooks, swinging between worry and happiness. Worried at how my munchkins would manage on their own. After all this was the first time they were staying alone, without each other for sibling support. But I was happy that they were learning to strike out on their own, make individual choices and lead independent lives.

But mommy missed her munchkins so much that she painted them a surprise. So their bathroom got a Froggy with a red umbrella, sitting pretty on lotus leaves while giant mushrooms peeked from the sides! :) Yes, all this on a glass jam bottle that I turned into a toothbrush holder. For more details, read here.

This new holder complements the glass bottle-vase so well. And they both enliven the washbasin area, just as it should be in kiddy space.

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