Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hand-Towel Basket

Felt too lazy to go out and buy a towel hanger to hold the hand towel in the master bathroom.

Picked out an old, discarded fruit basket.

Threw in a couple of interesting things- like a pine cone I picked up in California, and a scented candle decorated with dried flowers.

Added the hand towel, and hey presto! My towel basket was complete. :)

Good that the arrangement matches my master bath color scheme- beige and brown.

Like the idea? Let me know....


Beach Vintage said...

I Just love this idea. If I was a guest in your home and this was in my bathroom I would just be delighted.

DreamMaker said...

Wow! So kind of you to say that... Thanks, Simone, that inspires me to share more of my ideas here. :)

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